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Whole Body Functional Imaging System

Molecular Dynamics is developing  the Valiance X12, a revolutionary whole-body CZT SPECT/CT solution designed to deliver PET comparable results at a higher speed, lower dose and lower costs.  Valiance X12’s attractive wide band capabilities enable multi-function imaging that is not possible with currently available PET or SPECT scanners.

Valinace X12 significantly increases productivity and image quality due to improved resolution and sensitivity, enabled by its innovative Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) based technology.  Our direct conversion technology is based on independently controlled solid state CZT detectors, a technology pioneered by the Spectrum Dynamics Medical  D-SPECT system, a dedicated cardiac scanner already in the market with unprecedented performance.  Molecular Dynamics has a license for use of the D-SPECT IP in whole body imaging applications.

The Valiance X12

Valiance X12’s technology delivers up to 10 times the sensitivity and 2 times the spatial resolution of standard SPECT systems.  The system has a proprietary Adaptive Image Acquisition mechanism that controls the movement of each detector assuring efficient data acquisition, and employs proprietary algorithms for optimal image reconstruction and quantification.  The system can image multiple tracers simultaneously, and can be used for screening since its detectors enable low exposure to radiation for the patient.  

Valiance X12 also has hybrid imaging capabilities to provide physicians with anatomical and functional images.

We are also developing accompanying imaging accessories to assure quality control and complete patient data collection and verification throughout the entire imaging process. These disease specific kits will enable detection and staging of specific pathologies such as lung cancer and liver cancer, and are intended to allow the most efficient diagnosis by storing data related to a specific patient and allowing for continuous monitoring of the patient prior to, throughout and following the scanning process. These kits enable personalized, patient-specific imaging results.